I consider myself as a creative and dedicated person, who thrives on challenges and have a strong sense of responsibility. Integrity and pride in my work is something that is important to me, not so much that I have to have my way (that is just being obstinate), but rather a sense of the fulfillment a good days job has on the working spirit. Unless you feel content with what you do, you are not up for the task at hand. Growth is something that is equally important, both professionally and personally. I hope to be challenged and entrusted with responsibility in order for me to grow in my role, dealing with variety of tasks and individuals. I believe that my ability to deal with new people and situations, together with innovative thinking and a passion for problem solving, would make an employment mutually beneficial.
No single project is alike. I always try to stay true to the content, though I like to leave a mark on everything I do. Wether it is a brand identity, user interface, website, restaurant logo or an exhibition catalogue it proposes a unique design problem to be solved. Design is problem solving.

Specialties: Visual identity, Creative thinking, Graphic Design, Web Design, UI Design